Future Home of the Unofficial BMW Mtechnic Owners Site

In late 1993/early 1994 BMW Motorsports, in an effort to gauge the demand for its new E36 based M3 in the US, produced 150 highly modified 325is BMWs. Modifications included: M3 front spoiler, M3 Sport side skirts, M3 rear valence, M3 Mirrors, Motorsport door handles, and all were painted with BMW Alpine White III. Inside, the Motorsport Tri-Color Hurricane scheme suede and cloth seats and interior panels were accompanied with the M stiched steering wheel, M logo shift knob, the OBC, heated seats, and 200 watt premium sound system. Other Motorsport tweaks included 17" 2 piece BBS Motorsport wheels, and a limited slip differential. Some models optionally included the M3 rear spoiler and stainless steel exhaust tips.

The end result was a car that looked just like the 1995 M3 that was eventually released, yet lacked the larger Motorsport 3.2L powerplant.

I purchased my Mtechnic in March of 1999 and have always searched the web to find others with this unique car. I have stumbled upon a few sites but never found one that seems active, or complete. Hence mtechnic.org was born. I plan on pulling together some good photos of my car, and assembling a gallery of others contributed photos, and content. I have also assembled a fairly hefty list of parts dealers, and related info I will pull together here. If demand is there I will put together a message board, and possibly some content on the other Mtechnic editions (91 3 Series, 95 5 series).

Send pictures, content, comments, questions, etc to erichester at gmail.com

Disclaimer: This web site has no official affiliation or association with BMW AG or BMW Motorsport GmbH and is merely a private enthusiast home page.